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''The color is sublime''

I bought the planner a few months ago. I still love him so much. The color is sublime and the size practical. The configuration of the days is perfect!!
I recommend!! 🤍


''Planner - Wow!''

A beautiful planner, very well built that allows me to organize my daily life easily!!!! I love it and I recommend!!!

Jade B.

''Very elegant''

I love my new diary. I can organize my time, my activities, my exercises and my finances super efficiently and simply.

Joel G.

''Finally, the perfect planner!''

Thank you bleulatte for your beautiful products, this planner does not leave me and what about the excellent quality of this one, it meets my needs perfectly.

Chantal B.

"A must!"

"Very happy and satisfied with my new diary!! I had been looking for a diary for a long time that would allow me to organize my schedule well in addition to allowing me to set goals. One of the big positive points for me is the fact that it is not dated!

Lydia L.

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