Self-construction of our house, it continues

By Blue Latte Blog

Entrance 4 - July 26 to September 26, the skeleton is filled!

Fourth entry in our home build series.

It has progressed very well since the last entry. We haven't started closing the walls, but we will start very soon! Indeed, the roof is completed on all the roofs (we also had to finish the roof of the terrace above the garage). Once the frame was finished, we started with the plumbing, electricity, insulation of the party wall and ventilation.

We realized that the plans had not necessarily been well thought out. Apparently, you can't put plumbing on the party wall. It's pretty boring because almost all of our plumbing was placed there... We had to push back the walls (make walls over walls) to be able to do the plumbing properly. The problem with that is that the tub in the master bedroom bathroom now has a chance of being too big. I also lost my "pot filler" above my oven :(.

Otherwise, the rest went well. We're going to have a vent pipe running over the kitchen, but that shouldn't affect the size of our cabinets too much, they would have been too big anyway.

We also started ordering our things for finishing. We took the final measurements of the kitchen, beverage station, pantry and fireplace cabinets and everything is ordered. We also chose our kitchen counters, we went for a white with very faded veins. The style of the house will be pretty classic so I wanted something that would blend in well with the decor.

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To be continued

To be continued in the saga of the house: we begin the insulation which should guide us towards closing the walls. The "Tyvek" has been installed, so we should be able to start siding soon. We will also be pouring the concrete in the basement this week. I can't wait to see where we will be in 1 month. Hopefully we'll start finishing soon!

By the way, we think we will be able to move in towards the end of January if all goes well.

See you !