Self-construction of our house, our story

By Blue Latte Blog

Entrance 3 - July 26 to August 22, it's starting to look like something!

This is the third entry in our home build series.

I posted the last entry just before the construction holiday. So we had a big two weeks without activity. It did a lot of good for the stress, but at the same time we really want things to progress as quickly as possible!

It all started quite quickly, we had already been running after the worker who cuts our trees for a few last cuts for a few weeks. He finally came to cut the last trees and the framework could start the next day!

I've already told you about our troubles with the excavation guy. Well, we're still not done. He does half-days as he pleases and since he still hadn't finished making the entrance, he had to come to work at the same time as the structural team. Which is really not ideal. In the end, the entrance is much too steep (the house is very high) and crooked! Besides, it probably cost us triple what we expected. In short, with the septic tank that still hasn't been dug and the entrance half done, we decided to hire someone else to finish the job.

Otherwise, the frame is finished and the windows are installed! It's really starting to look like something. We already imagine ourselves in it...

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Next step

We are now starting work on the roof and plumbing. We bought everything needed for the plumbing (PS Faucets are seriously expensive).

Until the next entry, I hope to share with you that we have begun to close the walls. I'll keep you informed.

See you soon !