Bleu Latte & Co. celebrates its first anniversary!

On this festive day, what better than to look back on our first year of activity?

First of all, I must say that the past year has been an absolutely incredible adventure and I want to thank all the clients who have decided to trust us with their planning this year. 🥰

So, let's step back in time to celebrate.


1. Genesis of the company

For those who haven't followed us since the beginning, you may be surprised to learn that Bleu Latte was first launched as a blog specializing in organization and time management.

Little by little, by dint of talking about it, I said to myself: why not start my own business that would help people get organized? 

So I decided to share with you my passion for stationery by transforming Blue Latte Blog for Blue Latte & Co.

The choice of the company's first product was complicated. I looked at several options, but ended up settling on an all-in-one planner. Since I was never able to find my perfect planner, I thought to myself, why not create it?

So I did it all myself. I have no background in graphic design, but I trained myself and worked for months to finally get the perfect design. Logo, layout, color - everything!

Design is one thing. But the hardest part was really working with the printer to get my perfect product. I absolutely wanted high quality and durable products. Everything has been thought out, the binding, the thickness of the paper, the texture of the cover. 

We went so far as to adjust the colors 5 times to make sure we got the perfect colors for the covers. I really wanted to offer the best organizing tool on the market. OUR all-in-one weekly planner was ready after more than a year of development. 🎉


2. Launch 

The planner being ready for the launch, I worked hard to make sure that the website was going to be functional as soon as possible.

Finally, the launch went so well! Many of the clients on the waiting list rushed in and I'm so thankful for that! 

To be honest, we haven't seen the rest of the year. Markets, collaborations, orders, it went by at lightning speed!


3. More to come in 2023!

We've been pretty low-key over the past few months, but don't worry! We have many surprises in our near. Including a new product that will be launched in the spring and potentially several for the holidays! 🤫

We continue to work as hard as possible to develop new high quality products that will meet your organizational and stationery needs!

There's no shortage of ideas - stay tuned!