How to wrap your gifts responsibly

Stationery fanatic (duh) I love nothing more than wrapping my Christmas presents.

This is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season…no kidding! I like to make colorful gifts with bows and ribbons of all kinds.

But every good thing has its negative sides… 

Unfortunately, Christmas paper equals waste. We have to change that.

Even though the responsible gift wrapping movement is growing more and more every year. It is important for us as a stationery company to take responsibility and amplify the message in every way possible.

But wrapping gifts responsibly often forces us to compromise on beautiful, colorful and decorated packages.

Kraft paper… it’s good! I use this paper myself, but a little variety helps.

If you're like me and want to have beautiful, colorful gifts while still being environmentally conscious, I've found you some super cute paper options to use for the holidays this year.

Paper journal

Newsprint is a very cool upgrade to kraft paper. There are plenty of festive ways to decorate a newspaper-wrapped gift! 



To not forget! The tote bag option is always great. The gift is beautiful, easy to wrap and the bag is reusable. What better?


Wrapping tissue sheets, you know? 

Personally, I had never heard of it. Tissue sheets are available in all kinds of colors and patterns - perfect for wrapping gifts responsibly.

Patterned recyclable paper?

If none of the options above suit you, here is a selection of paper with a more traditional and recyclable look. Yes yes, recyclable!

Paper carrots

Traditional paper

Colored paper

Classic paper


Keeping and reusing your decorative ribbons is a good way to wrap your gifts responsibly.

Using ribbons made of fabric is easier to reuse or even give to the next (the one who receives the gift) 

Personally, I love using satin ribbons and the cotton ribbons. They are festive and versatile! 

If satin is less your type, the burlap ribbons are 100% recyclable and the chiffon silk ribbons are produced sustainably. Very cute, these ribbons are great options for your responsible gifts. ;)

The stickers

Now that your gifts are wrapped and decorated, all that's missing is the final touch: the tags! 

It's super easy to find recyclable cardboard labels. Arguably the easiest part of responsible gift wrapping.

So to inspire you a little, here are some options that jumped out at me for the holidays this year.

Handmade paper labels

Printed labels

homemade recycled label

*BONUS IDEA:  Decorating gifts with dried fruit (slices of orange, cranberries) and fresh pine branches is a big YES! Go crazy with these super festive and charming decorations.

I hope that all these beautiful ideas will inspire you for your gift wrapping this beautiful holiday season! 

Good packaging!