The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping 2021

We may love the holidays and their atmospheres with all our heart. The Christmas shopping that comes with it quickly becomes an endless headache.

If you're like me and you always end up Googling "Christmas Gifts Ideas" when you're out of ideas, this list is perfect for you!

I've researched through several Christmas Gift Guides and believe I've found the best ideas. I therefore bring them together here in one article! This is the guide of guides.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your mother, spouse or aunt, there are ideas for everyone.

Let's go!

1. The Blue Latte & Co planner.

Not to be missed in your Christmas shopping. Everyone needs a planner. Why not start the year on the right foot by getting organized!

In addition to being feminine and elegant, the Bleu Latte & Co. planner is designed to help you achieve your goals, step by step. It contains space to plan your financial, physical and mental health, and professional goals. You even have the necessary tools to follow up on your goals throughout the year!

Undated, you don't have to start your journey to a better life right away, it's at your own pace.

We have two models, l'Original and the Coffee shop. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start the path to your dream life!

2. Pet Collar

Collier animal de compagnie

25 $

These necklaces are way too cute not to be on this list! We all have someone in the family who is obsessed with their animal and company. Why not give him the ultimate gift?

The necklaces are delicate, feminine and personalized. What better ? Plus, they're only $25 each.

3. Custom blender

Mélangeur kitchenaid

From $429

If you have a pretty big budget for your Christmas shopping, this is the perfect gift for food lovers. Indeed, Kitchenaid offers the option of customizing its mixers!

You can choose through many color and style combinations to personalize its owner's blender.

It's a great way to offer something practical and thoughtful at the same time.

4. The shark fossil

Jouet de fossile

14,99 $

Perfect for keeping the kids busy for hours on end. This little kit designed by National Geographic is not only educational, but super fun!

It allows children to act as archaeologists and dig the block of sand to find a real fossilized shark tooth!

Hours of fun, even I want to try.

5. The Dream Decoder

Décodeur de rêves

24 $

What could be more interesting than interpreting your dreams? This small kit contains cards detailing the interpretation of the 60 most common dreams.

In addition to being practical, it is really beautiful! It is a beautiful, inexpensive, pleasant and unusual gift.

6. The princess blanket

Couverte de princesse

76,46 $

If you have kids on your Santa list, you need to include this in your Christmas shopping. I go back to childhood with this blanket. As a child, it would have been 100% my kind of object.

In addition to being comfortable, children will feel like royalty! There are two models: Cinderella and Ariel.

7. The gin and tonic lover

Gin tonic kit

25 $

There is always a Gin Tonic lover in the family. If so, give him the essential: a kit to make the perfect Gin-Tonic.

There are also small champagne, Moscow mule and Old fashion kits. Perfect for the budding mixologist!

8. Interesting Salads

Livre de recettes Mandy

40 $

If you know someone who lacks creativity for their food health, the book " Mandy's Recipes, Gourmet Salads and Other Delights " is a perfect gift.

This book includes over a hundred recipes for smoothies, salads, dressings, cereal bowls and sweet treats. There is something for every taste.

9. The local travel guide

Guide de voyage local

35 $

Local travel is very popular these days. This is the perfect time to offer the book " Quebec, 50 dream itineraries ".

In addition to making people dream, it is the perfect tool for planning their next getaway in our beautiful province. Do not miss !

10. Make your own cheese

Kit de fromage

35 $

DIY enthusiasts in the family will be very happy with this gift which will allow them to make their own cheese!

This is an artisan cheese making kit, you can make Mozzarella, regular or vegan Ricotta, Paneer and Queso Blanco!

11. Alearn the alphabet

Lettres en bois


Another perfect game for kids, these super cute little wooden cards are great for learning spelling and math.

Handmade in Canada, this is a must-have for any learning child. There are even sign language alphabet learning cards!

12. Prestige Box

Coffret prestige

Price varies

Personally, I love giving away prestige boxes, quite simply because I would very much like to receive one myself!

There are a multitude of different types of boxes that offer plenty of choices for getaways, activities and gourmet pleasures. It's a must!

13. Personalize your keychain

Porte clé personnalisé

From $19

Do you know someone who has been dragging their keychain for 30 years? It will do ! Give him a beautiful customizable leather key ring. You can choose the colors and even add the initials of your choice.

It's not just convenient, it's easy on the eyes.

14. Coloring a tablecloth?

Nappe à colorier

From $34.95

A fun and creative tool to arouse children's interest in learning about vegetables! This tablecloth allows children to color the vegetables they see on their plate.

She can put herself on the table or on the ground, you decide.

15. For athletes

Kit nettoyage de vélo

44 $

For the outdoor enthusiast in the family, this bike cleaning kit is perfect.

It is biodegradable and much easier to use than regular kits. Jump at the chance!

16. Cocooning pros

Boite de cocooning

100 $

You know very well that I am a master of cocooning. So I could not omit to include a box containing lots of small products intended for take care of yourself. It's awesome !
There are even two themes: bath or beauty.

17. A butter dish that made a full pound


45 $

Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a butter dish that can hold a whole pound of butter. It's hell !

I found the solution for you. This butter dish, in addition to being super cute, can easily hold a pound of butter, it's a miracle!

18. Quebec tea

Thé du Québec

41 $

Tea lovers will thank you for it. This boreal herbal tea set aims to introduce Quebecers to the flavors and benefits of boreal herbs.

In addition, the herbs are picked by hand, what more could you ask for?

19. Trivia Time

Jeu: Le routard

30 $

A beautiful family game focused on travel, "Le routard" allows you to test your knowledge of the world!

With over 1000 questions in the quiz box, you won't run out of them!

20. Pasta, pasta, pasta

Livre de recette de pâtes


Who doesn't like pasta? It's impossible. The book "#One pot pasta" not only gives lots of ideas for delicious recipes, but avoids washing up as well!


Go! It's Christmas shopping time, I hope I've made it much easier for you.


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