THE 2022 Christmas gift guide

It finally happened! The first snow, hot chocolates, decorations and cocooning in front of one of those famous cheesy Christmas movies.

Best time of the year in my opinion.

But the time of joy and sharing also means: shopping.

We all know the puzzle of Christmas shopping. What to buy from whom? Online shopping guides are not much help, you always find the same thing: a google home, whiskey ice cubes and slippers.

So here is the buying guide to make your life easier this year.

For the plant lover

Buying a plant for one of your loved ones is so 2021... buying a kit to grow a flower that corresponds to your date of birth, that's in! 

It's a great way to give a personalized gift to plant lovers. 

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit



For the planner

This is not a Bleu Latte Blog post let alone organization…you knew it was going to be on the list.

The best planner in Canada. ;) 

I may be biased on the subject, but our planner is perfect. Literally. 

From the grocery list, to weekly goals to journaling, everything is there.

If you know someone who desperately needs a planner to get organized - ours is perfect!

weekly planner



For the cooking lover

Nothing better than a Crucible to make meals pros happy.

Although a bit expensive, owning a Creuset piece is almost a rite of passage for any cooking enthusiast.

Their products are not only beautiful, but also top quality - the kind of product that lasts a lifetime.

You are therefore sure to make a memorable gift by offering a Creuset product to one of your loved ones for Christmas. 


Various CA$


For the new mom

Do you know a new mom in your entourage? Chances are she is absolutely burnt.

All mums need a little rest, but why not give the new mum some special attention.

Here is the perfect cocooning box to decompress.

Cocooning box

$50-$200 CA


For the one on the party

Is your friend the party animal of the group?

What could be better than giving him this super cute sweater from Callitee. That way, she'll always be ready for the next happy hour!

T-shirt Cocktail

$30 CA


For those who love cocooning

We all know someone who “eats, breathes, sleeps” cocooning. The chief homebodies often make the rounds of the various pastimes perfect for relaxing.

To change up a book or a puzzle, why not introduce them to a hot new hobby?

This embroidery kit is the perfect Christmas gift for cocooning pros. It's the perfect activity for snuggling up with a blanket and hot tea on a snowy afternoon.

Embroidery kit

$50 CA


For the adventurer

What could be better than offering an experience as a Christmas present this year?

This package for two people includes one night in a cabin on stilts, in the middle of the woods!

It's a perfect gift for your loved ones who are constantly looking for a new adventure.

Kabania package

$129.99 CA


For the fashion card

For your sister, your friend or your cousin who is always on the lookout for new trends, this new Quebec company offers one of the most beautiful ranges of basics on the market.

Sève & Co.

$ Miscellaneous


For the little ones

Little ones in the family?

There's nothing cuter than this enchanted forest-themed musical puzzle to encourage musical awakening.

Musical Puzzle - The Enchanted Forest

$20 CA


For the ''bookworm''

Your friend still has her head in a book?

Why not buy him a subscription to a book box?

Each month the box includes 1 book, treats and surprises!

My reading bubble


For the foodie

Do you have food in your life?

This amango chocolate box is sure to make a change from the annual Lindor chocolate box.

Fair trade, organic and original chocolate. What could be better?

Amango chocolate box

$48 CA


For the eco

This cotton baguette bag is not only super cute, but perfect for the eco-friendly in your life who is always looking for a new way to reduce their ecological footprint!

Reusable baguette bag

$17 CA


The handywoman

The DIY pro in your entourage will be sure to love this book of “Weeds” gathering everything about the creation of her homemade cosmetics.

An original and super informative Christmas gift!

A fleur de cans

CA $29.95


The makeup pro

Do you have a makeup lover in your circle of friends?

What could be better than offering Canadian cosmetics from a 100% Quebec company?

Take a look at this new company!


$ Miscellaneous


For the newcomer

A perfect little gift for the babies in the family that we love so much!

This little bath apron is not only cute, but also very practical: it's the perfect Christmas gift!

bath apron

$60 CA


Everything is there to ease the pressure and help you find the perfect Christmas gift, no matter who it is. Happy shopping!