What to wear when working from home?: A complete guide

At first it was fun, no need to put on your uncomfortable clothes to go to work. Now, are you caught in the black hole of the old holey t-shirt and undersized pajama shorts? I know him too well… Believe me, I'm the first to spend the day at work in pajamas, in my bed. We won't lie to each other, I don't always follow my own advice, but I'm working on it! Let's try to change all this together! 

It's important to feel good about yourself day in and day out when working from home. We want to dress more appropriately, but… The uncomfortable pants, too heavy suits, too tight jeans. We also want to move away from biker shorts and hoodie sets. What to put?

Well, I myself decided to start the search to find the perfect clothes for working at home. Here is a little lookbook to guide you in your shopping! Comfortable, cute and perfect for your zoom calls!

Loungewear? It's what?

Loungewear is defined as: “Casual clothes, suitable for relaxing and relaxing at home. » You will tell me, loungewear is therefore pajamas! Yes and no. Think of it as elevated pajamas. Loungewear is comfortable clothing kits to wear at home. If comfort is your #1 priority and you're not totally ready for the dress and pants. Loungewear is for you!

These will give you the chance to be very comfortable while being stylish. They are therefore not pajamas, not sportswear, but rather comfortable and elegant clothes that allow us to move at home.

Here are some examples :

The leggings and the long sweater

Legging et chandail

A great classic, but heightened. Take advantage of this style to tie up your hair and maybe wear a little makeup. You will feel beautiful and ready to face your day's tasks in comfort!

Pantalons longs, camisole, cardigan

Pantalons long et camisole

Are you chilly? These combinations of more flowing long pants with a light tank top and a cardigan will allow you to be warm, comfortable and stylish!

The matching set

Ensemble assorti

Probably the most pajama-like look. On the other hand, it will undoubtedly be the most chic pajamas you will ever have!

" comfort " combination

Combinaison confort

Easy to put on, comfortable for all activities! The pretty jumpsuits with a fabric that breathes and moves are perfect for working at home!

La petite robe confo

Petite robe

Is the heat wave ? No problem ! No need to endure long clothes. These little dresses are perfect for a work session in the sun on your terrace!

Comfortable but stylish sets

Loungewear is fine, but sometimes you feel a little more flirtatious. Without putting on pencil skirts and pants that hug us at the waist, there is a way to adopt a more professional look while maintaining our comfort! Here are a few options that eschew the good old combo: jeans and a t-shirt.

Long sleeves, wide pants

Manches longues, pantalon

I love this type of outfit. Comfy, yet chic, the lightweight cardigan and wide leg pants are perfect for a stylish look without too much effort.

The short-sleeved sweater

Manches courte

Do not confuse the t-shirt with the short-sleeved sweater! They are totally different. When you think t-shirt, think loose, loose-fitting short-sleeved printed sweater. While a short-sleeved sweater is often more fitted and elegant. Perfect for an important zoom meeting with a potential client.

Goodbye jeans!


As they are beautiful, as they are uncomfortable. Swap out your favorite pair of jeans for smart, casual pants or shorts. Word of advice: avoid pants with zippers, they will often be tighter at the waist and therefore uncomfortable for days spent sitting at your computer.

Clothes with movement


Fluid fabric clothes give a feminine and refined look, but their biggest secret is comfort! 

Happy shopping!

I hope this little lookbook has inspired you for your next shopping session! What do you wear when working from home? I can't wait to see what you'll find!