Here are 9 reasons to get organized NOW

What is the point of getting organized? There is a lot of information circulating to indicate how to organize. But there are not many articles that explain why.

It's nice to know how to organize yourself, but if you don't know why you're doing it. It can be very easy to lose motivation and interest in an organized lifestyle.

At first glance, you do not reap the benefits of the organization from the start. It can take some time and often these benefits are not tangible.

However, they are present. That's why I want to highlight them in this week's article.

Without further ado, I'll give you 9 reasons to start getting organized today!

1. Avoid oversights

If you have as many things on your mind as I do, you are surely suffering from forgetfulness disease. I no longer count on my fingers all the little things that I forgot for lack of disorganization. If you have nothing to jot down your tasks or schedule. You are almost certain to forget!

These are stressful situations that are very easy to avoid with a good organization system. With a agenda, electronic reminders or a notebook. Take time at the beginning of your week to write everything down. If things are added during the week, add them to your list as you go. Even if you don't have time to do them. She will already be there for the following week!

2. Be more efficient

Time is a rare commodity. Especially for the entrepreneurs.  But being organized = more time! This is one of the big advantages of being well organized. Being orderly allows you to be much more efficient and effective. You know exactly what is needed and what needs to be done. You are therefore in a better position to make important decisions and determine your priorities. 

By getting organized, avoid procrastination. If your schedule is realistically planned, it will be much easier than you think to achieve all these small goals on time! You will see, you will be relieved to find that everything you had to do is done. So much, that you will want to be even more productive! Being busy will seem more like a big mountain, but rather a busy and challenging schedule. This is the key to being efficient and effective.

3. Be in control of your goals

When I talk to you about plan a tailor-made life. I'm talking about that! By being organized, you are in control of your destiny. Since you are the only master of your schedule, you have the freedom to adapt it to your lifestyle and to incorporate your goals and prioritize them.

Be careful, do not fall into over control which can become even more stressful than disorganization. Be indulgent with yourself, the unexpected will happen and you must be able to adapt to them. Trying to control everything during the unexpected will have the opposite effect: you will end up forcing things that are not due to happen and causing greater stress than necessary.

The important thing is to have a plan, a guideline. If you have a plan and follow it, the results will come and you will achieve your goals. No matter the obstacles on your way. Stay focused on the task and everything will be fine!

4. Increase self-confidence

You will be surprised at how much you are able to accomplish by being organized. This will greatly contribute to increase your self-esteem. If you are not familiar with the organization, start small. Otherwise, you risk feeling overwhelmed.

By starting small, you will taste the sense of accomplishment that will fill you when you complete your goals. As a result, you will want to adopt more complex organizational techniques and you will achieve even greater personal fulfillment!

Being orderly also means having more time to plan our wellness activities. This goes a long way in boosting your confidence. We feel much better when our beauty routine is done and we know that healthy meals are waiting for us this week. All because we have planned our time well to include these important well-being elements!

5. Keep a balance

Speaking of wellness. Getting organized allows you to maintain a balance in life that you will not be able to reach if you lack coordination. If you find your personal and professional obligations difficult to juggle. It's probably just because you suffer from a lack of organization.

By having a generally orderly life, you will have a better overview of your various obligations and you will be able to adopt an objective eye on them and to set your priorities. Normally, you are in a reaction situation. So you're just constantly putting out fires, which is exhausting.

By being organized, you are in prevention mode. This allows you to be much more efficient, and to put into perspective the unforeseen events that can be thrown at you. It also allows you to decide when to stop and take time for yourself. Avoiding falling into a state of extreme fatigue is as important as fulfilling your obligations (I would even say that it is your most important obligation). Being organized allows you to avoid all that.

6. Reduce stress

Earlier, I spoke to you about the states of mind of prevention And of reaction. The goal in getting organized is to be in the prevention state for the majority of your time. Of course, there will be times of stress. These are inevitable. But if you constantly live to put out one fire after another. You will never be able to achieve your goals and your stress level will ultimately affect your health greatly.

Indeed, stress is an important factor in several autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases. It must be avoided at all costs! That is why taking the time to get organized will go a long way to reducing your overall stress. If you know what is coming, it is easy to prepare yourself properly. By being well prepared, we avoid stressful situations and voila!

7. Manage your time well

If you tend to procrastinate everything: you desperately need to manage your time well. A good organization of his time allows him to carry out the priority tasks first and within the prescribed deadlines. This gives you much more time for your hobbies and your loved ones. Plus, you'll be able to produce much better quality work if your approach to it is more relaxed.

You will also be able to filter unnecessary tasks from your schedule and thus increase your overall productivity.

Psst. If you are currently telecommuting and it unsettles you: Click here! I give you 7 tips for good time management when working from home.

8. Better work efficiency

Did you know that the meaning of organization is a highly sought-after skill in the professional world? Indeed, being organized is synonymous with efficiency in an office environment. The organization also means having an enlightened vision of its mission and therefore excellent management of issues and decision-making capacity.

Being organized will not only allow you to optimize your time, but also that of your colleagues, which can help you stand out within your team. Also, you will have more time to leave room for innovation and creativity and you will be able to manage the unexpected effectively.

These are all excellent reasons to organize this, in my opinion!

9. Power to delegate

Once you have established a good plan for your life. You will be able to observe which activities eat up a lot of your time for little results. It is these kinds of tasks that you will then have to delegate in order to be able to use your time effectively elsewhere.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur and find that you spend most of your time managing day-to-day operations. It's time to delegate! These keep you from focusing on the tasks that only you can do: innovation and business growth.

The same goes for your personal life if you spend way more time than necessary on housework and have a little extra in your budget. Maybe it's time to hire a little help here. By delegating, you'll be able to spend your time on the things that really matter to you. 

The only thing is that without organization, you can't determine which tasks are really worth delegating. That's why it's super important, you may be wasting precious time without even knowing it!

get organized

If you are not convinced that getting organized will change your life after this article, I don't believe it! Start with small changes, without even realizing it, you accomplish more and be less stressed : isn't it wonderful? 

Go ahead, get organized!


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