Planning you schedule with paper planners, why?

In today's the digital era, many are turned to digital planners. I don't blame them. They are practical, easy to use and always in your pocket.

Even we at Bleu Latte use digital planner. It's convenient for remembering appointments or taking quick notes. It acts more like a keeper of our schedule and our appointments than a planning tool…

Indeed, digital planning is almost impossible... With the advent of digital planners, we have lost the essence of paper planners: planning. Keeping track of your appointments and activities is just one of the multitude of possibilities that a paper planner offers you.

Your life is going in circles? Your schedule is organized with digital planners, but it seems that you cannot escape the vicious circle of your daily life to take action in order to achieve your goals? Well…I'll explain why, paper planning is your solution.


Plan…not improvise

Using a paper planner gives you more flexibility to bring your dreams and goals to life. 

Think about it…your google calendar does not offer you the possibility to plan your year, to do an introspection on what you have accomplished and what you want to accomplish and more: how you plan to get there.

Planning on paper gives the opportunity to plan…not to suffer. It allows you to not be at the mercy of your schedule, but rather to take charge of it and adjust your schedule to your goals.

Having tools with layouts designed to help you move forward and reconsider how you are moving towards your goals can allow you to put things into perspective and change course if you need to. 

We can so easily get lost in the sea of our meetings and our incessant activities without realizing that we are moving away, quietly, but surely, from our primary goals.

Planning with paper allows you to plan…precisely. 


Back to simplicity

Life is so complicated... if you're like me, you're part of the wave of individuals who want to return to a slower, gentler pace of life.

Paper planning takes you one step further in the direction of simplicity. Picture yourself: sitting in an ultra-comfortable armchair, your planner in hand. You plan your week quietly while sipping your coffee. You write down your affirmations, your good ideas and your insecurities. Outside, it's short, you see the type? 

We always have our face in a screen, you can't imagine how good it can be to let go of it just for a few moments and return to a simpler activity.


Focus on the important

Planning on paper is a great way to stay on task…for real. Indeed, when you write, it is more difficult to distract you. Unlike digital planners where you will be constantly disturbed by notifications and updates.

It's so easy to get tempted by one of these, only to lose track of what you were about to jot down. Maybe an important date, maybe a genius idea. Who knows? She is not anymore.

Using a paper planner therefore allows you to take advantage of more time to focus on your goals and to make sensible and informed decisions towards your objectives.


Stay focus

Not only can paper planning help you get organized, it can give you the kick in the ass you need to motivate yourself. 

Planning on paper is a great way to stay on track with your goals when you're demotivated. It's super easy to just check your calendar and see how your progress is progressing...or stagnating.

By having a physical representation of your accomplishments, you can see how far you have come and how beneficial it has been for you to take all the small actions that have led you to your goals.

By seeing what you have accomplished, it is easy to imagine what remains to be done. Paper planning allows you to easily determine your next goals and the steps needed to achieve them. 

Planning on paper is all about staying focused on the long-term vision of your life: what do you want? Go get it. And to accompany you, a tool to document your journey.


They are so beautiful…and good for the memory

Well, it's impossible to talk about paper planning without giving one of the best arguments for their use: their aesthetics. They are so beautiful, paper planners (especially ours ;) ). 

It's hard to do without, if only to watch it look beautiful on our living room table. Flowers, colors, patterns or even minimalist, there is something for everyone.

So, even if you're not a planning enthusiast, their very beauty can be a valid reason to give it a try...and start a new addiction.

In addition to being beautiful, they are good for our memory. Yes, it is well known, writing helps our retention of information. 

If it's just to remember your appointments, do it for the long-term benefits on your cognitive health too!

To finish

With that, you know the benefits of using paper to plan your goals. So I challenge you. Plan your schedule with a paper tool for 30 days.

Observe how this habit changes your daily life for the better. What impact it has on the achievement of your goals, whether small or large! 

Keep me posted…good luck!