Why following your intuition is important

Following your intuition is not something you learn in school… Unfortunately. This is why it is a feeling that deserves to be recognized. Not only for self-knowledge, but also to achieve our goals. 

Believe it or not, your intuition knows more than you think about your surroundings. Just make the decision to listen to it!

With that, here's why I think it's important to follow your intuition.

What is intuition?

It's fine to talk about intuition, but what is it really? We can also refer to intuition as our instinct. It is the first feeling you have about something before you even think about it. It's really like a " feeling ". It serves as a warning to oneself to indicate a solution or a problem.

It's knowledge that we haven't acquired with our thoughts, it's already there! You've probably felt it before. Tse, when you know quite simply that a situation is good/bad, but that there is not quite a rational explanation for it?

How can it manifest?

Through all our feelings. It is frankly not easy to discern our intuition from another resentment. The way your intuition manifests may be different from that of your neighbour. This is why it is important to have a good knowledge of yourself in order to recognize it when it arises.

Your intuition can manifest as a physical sensation, an emotion, a feeling of unease/well-being, a sudden thought, an inner voice and even a mental image! Does that seem like a lot? Yes you are right. It can become very complex to discern your intuition, especially if you do not fully understand your emotions. Indeed, if you are the type to always control your thoughts and have a full head, you probably won't notice your intuition trying to tell you something. It will occur more in times of rest and relaxation, try to pay more attention to it!


You know, sometimes we have a feeling that our intuition is telling us to do something, but we don't want to listen to it. Especially because we have no concrete explanations other than our " feeling " to make this decision. So we rely on our logical and rational thoughts. I must mention that it is also important to consider the rational side of things when you feel an intuition. On the other hand, do not neglect your intuition! It gives you very important information.

I have already mentioned to you several times that one of my resolutions for the year is to better follow my intuition. Mine is very strong. I know it when I feel it and what it tells me. On the other hand, most of the time I don't listen to him... I rely too much on my logic and it plays tricks on me! Here are some examples where I decided to ignore my intuition and it went wrong…

Leaving my company without a valid reason?

As you have probably read in my presentation article, I stayed two years in the franchise program of my first company. What I didn't tell you is that before going back there for the second year, I really hesitated. I had like a presentiment that I shouldn't go back. Finally, I said to myself that there was no reason for this presentiment since I had had a great experience to date. My start to the year was great, but the more it progressed, the less it went. Yes, there was the aspect of the business which was under my responsibility of course. On the other hand, the worst was the atmosphere in the organization. A number of extremely heavy things happened and I ended the year somehow with them. I should have listened to my intuition and avoided all this nonsense!

Not easy love

My second example is more related to my love life. I had a boyfriend that I saw myself with for the long term. Logically, it made a lot of sense that we stayed together for a long time. On the other hand, about 2 and a half years in the relationship, when I thought of staying with him all my life, I had like a big lump in my stomach. For nothing in particular, because the relationship was going very well, it was very healthy. 

It seemed like I knew it wasn't him and that something (or someone) else was waiting for me. The thing is, I still felt love for him and I had gotten so used to the idea that I was going to stay with him that I wasn't listening to myself. I knew exactly how I felt, but I deliberately chose to ignore him because I really wanted to stick with him. As you can guess, this relationship ended in a serious fishtail... I should have ended the relationship when it was time! 

Funny interview

Finally, the last situation unfolded recently. I am currently in the process of changing careers a bit, heading into the digital marketing field. So I am looking for a job in the field. I saw a position that I really hesitated about before applying. I did it anyway because there was no apparent reason not to apply. It was the perfect position! The interview was very positive, everything was going to indicate that I had been wrong in my hunch. The only thing is that it was not a real interview and I immediately found it really weird. I remember the first thing I said to my boyfriend when I got off the call was: what just happened?? It was not an interview at all! But it looked positive so that's good!


I ended up wasting 3 weeks of my life on an unstructured, disinformed and disorganized process. Again: I should have listened to myself. I knew something was wrong with the whole thing, but the opportunity seemed so good that I ignored the red flags!

Follow your intuition at all costs!

Following your intuition can prevent you from finding yourself in very unfortunate situations. Sometimes, even if you know it doesn't make logical sense follow your instincts! He is not mistaken.