The little guide to astrology for dummies: The air signs

Fourth chapter of the series “Astrology for dummies”: The air signs.

You now know that the zodiac signs are divided into 4 elements. The signs of fire, earth, air and water; each element having its specific characteristics. The theory suggests that these elements would have an important influence on the personality traits of the signs that represent them.

The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. In my totally biased opinion (being an air sign myself), these are the best signs. ;) They are known to be communicators and intellectuals. Look below to learn more!

air signs

First, Air signs are known to be the intellectuals and communicators of the zodiac. They really are the experts on anything that doesn't have a tangible form, including language and information. Hence the element of air. Invisible, but essential, it represents our breath.

Air does not take a specific form. Air signs are therefore not limited by space, so they can drift all over the place. Whether places or people.

The three air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are the thinkers, communicators and doers of the zodiac. They analyze and synthesize. They are known to run through life, they never stop to take a breath! These signs adopt a “live and let live” mentality and their intelligence allows them to make important decisions very easily.

Air signs are the leaders of our society, they have the ability to observe situations in a detached way and their judgment is not clouded by their emotions.


They are very sociable signs, they can get along with anyone. Even those who are not part of their group of friends. They are the leaders of conversation, whether deep or mundane, and they know how to use their wits to get out of sticky situations.

These are the most forgiving signs of the zodiac. They understand that in emotional moments people can say or do things that can hurt others. Their calm, collected energy helps them navigate through drama, but their cold appearance can mean they seem aloof compared to their counterparts.

Since they're adept at mental stimulation, it's no surprise that the air sign tends to get bored easily, especially at events or with people who don't 'do' it for them. ..

With their social nature, they love to be surrounded by several extremely different personalities. Though, even though they're busy being the center of attention, air signs are completely indifferent to what other people think of them.

On the other hand, air signs can be very indecisive and unstable. It is difficult for them to settle down and keep their feet on the ground...


Gemini is represented by the twins. They're probably the most reputable sign in the zodiac, but rumor has it that's because they're a reflection of what people hate most about themselves. They are just imitating you!

First of all, it's true that Geminis are two-faced liars ;). But we must admit that it is something that we all do at some level. Think about it, you are not the same person at work as you are at home. We all tend to change our way of being according to our environment. Gemini only leans on this duality more harshly.

Gemini is a mutable sign which means they are very flexible and open to change, constantly adjusting to inputs and outputs. This sign is able to understand and analyze situations miles ahead, which helps them make decisions quickly.

They accept the changes and the fluidity of life and strive to be understanding of all sides of a situation. For that, we have their dualistic nature to thank. They are truly the chameleons of the zodiac.

 Geminis are communicators, they like to solve problems and they are very curious. Since they are constantly absorbing information, they are non-judgmental. Their ability to analyze a situation from every possible perspective helps them get along with anyone in their path, except those who annoy them...

In short, they do not like routine and platonic schedules. If you know a Gemini, expect them to be constantly evolving and changing.


The balance is represented by a...scale! Obviously. Indeed, it is an excellent representation of the scales since they are constantly in search of fairness, adjustment... the perfect balance what. They always make room for others, even at the expense of themselves.

But their ability to accommodate others can quickly become a weakness. Also, in the effort to please everyone and escape conflict, the scales often end up forgetting themselves. Aren't they right that to resolve a conflict, everyone has to put water in their wine?

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, the scales represent all that is beautiful. They appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy being around them. In short, Good food, good music and optimism: that sums up the Libra sign!

Like Gemini, Libras are very sociable. On the other hand, they are more difficult in their friendly choices. They don't like confrontation, don't ask a Libra to make a decision, they'll hate it!

It is a cardinal sign, which means that it occurs at the beginning of his season. Because of this, they are known to be leaders. Intellectuals, they like to study our society and our culture in order to understand the world.

Attention, these are the fallers of the zodiac!


Aquarius is often mixed up as a water sign. But no, he is free as the air! It is probably the most abstract sign of the zodiac. They are concerned with the "big picture" and the general good of society. They see other people and life as a whole and therefore do not really tend to consider issues of individuality as important.

As a result, they are often involved in humanitarian missions and seem detached from everyday life. Because they are so preoccupied with theory it can prevent them from connecting with pressing needs in the present moment.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of order and discipline, Aquarius can be heavy and serious. Also, since it is a fixed sign, it can be stubborn and stoic in the face of outside influence.

In short, they speak for the community rather than for the individual. they process relationships, events and news more slowly and deeply than other air signs since they are so focused on the 'big picture'

Very intellectual, they are represented by an old man. We could consider this sign to be the philosopher, they wish to use the information they learn in order to help society.

They are the trendsetters. On the fringes of society, you will never see an Aquarius follow the crowd, they will lead it. A bit rebellious, Aquarius doesn't like being told what to do and when to do it...

Air Sign Relationship Compatibility

Air signs in constant need of stimulation usually get along well with each other. A water sign will find the air sign too cold. While the earth sign will be too boring and stable for the air sign. On the other hand, fire signs are perfect matches for air signs. These two share their outgoing energy and are sure to keep the relationship interesting for both of them since they both need a lot of stimulation.

Besides, comparing the compatibilities of our sun signs can be a good general indicator of the chemistry that there could be in the relationship (whatever its nature), but it will not be 100% effective.

We must remember that our personality is made up of a whole panoply of signs ruled by the planets, so there will be many exceptions! Beware of generalization.

The 4 elements

Wow, that was long! So what do we think? If you have air signs around you (or you are one yourself), have fun doing the analysis! Overall, you will be able to see many of these characteristics.


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