The little guide to astrology for dummies: The water signs

You reacted so well to the first article of the Astrology 101 series that I decided to release the second article earlier than planned!

This week the water signs. If we remember the last article correctly, we know that the twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into 4 elements. The signs of fire, earth, air and water; each element having its specific characteristics.

The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. They are known to be very emotional. Today's article will detail water signs and their characteristics, look below to learn more!

water signs

First of all, water signs are deep and lunar. Their opposite element (and therefore the one with which it has the least affinity) is air. This one being very amorphous and mercurial, it does not understand the emotional nature of the water sign and vice versa.

Unlike air signs, water signs are sentimental and nostalgic. Where air signs are forward-thinking and seek progress, water signs are sentimental. Air signs think of society as a whole while water signs are more focused on the family nucleus. Water signs will follow their heart long before their mind!

The elements are always within four signs of each other. For water signs, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio the eighth, and Pisces the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. Their placement is positive and brings good vibes. This means that water signs tend to get along well with each other.

Water signs tend to be shy and reserved. They often prefer spending time with people they know (friends, family) rather than meeting new people. They often tend to seek security and a sense of belonging. Water signs are great friends. Very loyal, they are like a sponge and tend to absorb the feelings of others. These are the empathic signs of the zodiac.

This ability to sense other people's feelings can overwhelm them, and they need someone tough, with their feet firmly planted on the ground to pick them up. They can be very quiet often preferring to listen rather than talk. Water signs are honest and empathetic, but not completely transparent.

We may think we know a water sign, but we never know it completely!


Cancer is the cardinal water sign. Which means that he is the one who starts a season. It is referred to as surface water. Although it is shallow, it is full of life and creativity.

 They are therefore very decisive and are able to manifest their dreams easily. It is the sign of the zodiac that is characterized as the " provider " since it always makes sure to take care of its loved ones in financial and emotional support.

Cancers are nesters and take care of their homes with care. Cancers have a reputation as a "drama queen" because of their tendency to react almost immediately to their feelings. On the other hand, they are sincere in their motivations and their tendency to share a little more than necessary with others gives them a certain charm.

They are protective friends and lovers, but also a bit of a helicopter. The type to want to know where you are and what you are constantly doing. This sign reflects its constellation well; the crab. He's tender inside, but always ready to pinch with his huge claws.


Scorpio is a water sign in fixed mode. Which means he's in the middle of his season. It is referred to as the deep water at the bottom of the tides that we cannot even see. He is almost too aware of his autonomy.

 Because of their passionate nature, they are often mistaken for being a fire sign. However, their passion is only second to their intuition which is the true heart of this sign.

Although they may seem reserved at first glance, their feelings are very intense. Before logic and reason, Scorpios rely above all on their intuition. Their emotions are hot and intense, making them nearly impossible to shut down.

Scorpio is known to be intense, magnetic, and brooding. It is ruled by Mars (like Aries) the planet of war and aggression. Unlike Aries, who are strong and obvious in displaying their Martian values, Scorpio is subtle and skilful. His attacks are precise and generated in a deliberate and manipulative way.

As a fixed sign, the scorpion somehow tries to bury its passion and emotions. They have an elephant's memory, a special skill in keeping secrets, and a passion unmatched by any other zodiac sign. Which means Scorpios are very resentful…they never let up.


Pisces is a water sign in mutable mode, which means that it comes at the end of its season and has the ability to change and adapt according to its environment. Indeed, he is very receptive and understanding of outside ideas.

It is qualified as representing the remote parts of our ocean floor. The parts where there are treasure chests, shark carcasses and stranded boats...

Daydreaming and mysticism are great adjectives to describe soft-hearted Pisces. Pisces are very imaginative and tend to dream a little a lot in their daily lives.

Their emotions change very quickly and they take a very long time to make a permanent decision (believe me;) ). They are known as the creative sign of the zodiac, they use this creativity to create their own little world, whatever it is!

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac (which makes Aries the first). It is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and evolution.

I have to tell you, I have a small bias for fish... many of my relatives wear this sun sign! In my 100% biased opinion, this is a very nice sign.

Water Sign Relationship Compatibility

Unsurprisingly, the best matches for water signs are none other than themselves and earth signs. On the other hand, it is important to understand that we should not rely on these compatibilities to create our whole life.

Comparing our sun sign compatibilities can be a good general indicator of the chemistry there might be in the relationship (whatever it is), but it won't be 100% effective.

We must remember that our personality is made up of a whole range of signs governed by the planets, so there will be many exceptions! Beware of generalization.

The 4 Elements

What do you think of these descriptions? If you have signs of water around you (or you are yourself), have fun doing the analysis! You will see many of these characteristics.



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