The little guide to astrology for dummies: Earth signs

Fifth chapter of the " Astrology for Dummies " series: The earth signs.

Fourth, but not the least, the article on earth signs is a good way to close the chapter on the elements. Each element having its specific characteristics. The theory suggests that these elements would have an important influence on the personality traits of the signs that represent them.

The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. They are known to be stable, pragmatic and unwavering. To learn more, it's below!

earth signs

Down-to-earth and pragmatic, you can count on earth signs for their honesty. Difficult to provoke, it takes a lot of effort to frustrate them, but when they are, it's at your own risk!

Earth signs are real collectors, they love to accumulate a large number of objects and above all, to reward themselves with them. Stubborn around the edges, they are extremely persistent, an earth sign will never give up on a project or a relationship. They will stay squarely until the very end, even when there is no more hope.

One of their great strengths is their patience and creativity. You can rely on earth signs to produce quality work. They love getting involved in a long-term project that will require a lot of energy and commitment. Especially if this project is aligned with their values.

Practical and methodical, structure is very important to them. This is why they are considered to be the builders of the universe. They appreciate stability and frankly, we can't blame them for that...


Taurus is the artist of the zodiac, they have an innate sense of beauty and sensuality and know how to inspire others to manifest their dreams. Taurus has two modes: either it is persistent, hard-working, stable and reliable. Or, he is lazy, jealous, possessive and controlling.

Even though Taurus has its flaws, there are more good than bad. Moreover, it is the most loyal sign of the zodiac. If you have a Taurus friend, be sure that he will "ride or die" with you. ;)

Taurus is rebellious, instinctive, and unique. He has his own individuality. Persistent, he is certain to achieve his ends. He will always get what he wants, period. You could describe him as stubborn, but he defines himself as competent.

Being impatient, the life of a Taurus boils down to a constant struggle to find the balance between instant gratification and self-discipline. It's not a problem, Taurus loves challenges.


Do you think you have mastered the art of multitasking? Wait to meet a Virgo. She has outstanding attention to detail and organizational skills. If you have a problem, go see a Virgo. She will have the solution.

Virgo rules service, health, and purpose. It is the sign of responsibility and consequence. Virgos have excellent self-awareness. So much so that they know exactly their strength and the best way to exploit it to achieve success. If Virgos make a mistake, they'll know how to fix it, all thanks to their attention to detail.

Virgos are the analytical heads of the Zodiac. Being a mutable sign, they are known to be practical, logical, sensitive, and reasonable. They opt for a systematic approach to life and they place great importance on truth and justice.


Capricorns are the initiators of the earth signs. They are known to be ambitious and hardworking. A natural leader, they are the first to act.

They value status and control a lot and they have a reputation for being proud and icy. Detached, they tend to prefer witnessing situations from a distance. Don't mistake this cold appearance as a lack of emotions, Capricorns are very sensitive and thoughtful.

They are known for going all the way, they never give up halfway! They love plans and commitments, Capricorns know that consistency, discipline and hard work are needed to move forward and they never lose sight of their purpose.

Very ambitious, Capricorn always has projects in motion, it's never enough! They are not afraid to reinvent themselves and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve their goals.

Earth Sign Relationship Compatibility

Earth signs are most compatible with water signs. The creative and sensitive nature of the water signs will be able to give thanks to the stable and structured nature of the earth signs. Both looking for something deep, they really are the perfect match. Air and fire signs will be far too volatile for earth signs, who will be frustrated with the constant changes that come with the nature of these signs.

Comparing our sun sign compatibilities can be a good general indicator of the chemistry there might be in the relationship (whatever it is), but it won't be 100% effective.

We must remember that our personality is made up of a whole range of signs governed by the planets, so there will be many exceptions! Beware of generalization.

The 4 Elements

If you have earth signs around you (or you are one yourself), have fun doing the analysis! Do you have some of these characteristics?