How to plan the year with your all-in-one planner

Ah the New Year…the wind of renewal that each year brings us often motivates us to make changes in our lives.

That New Year feeling that inspires us and pushes us to try to improve our lives for the better. 

This year is the right one! Is it really true…?

If every year your resolutions become meaningless, don't worry. You're not alone. 

Because we are the pros of organization, we can help you demystify the art of setting resolutions and plan your year using your agenda with achievable goals.

Start with feedback

First of all, you have to start at the beginning. There's no point in setting goals if you haven't started by taking stock. Where are you at now? 

How has the last year been? Did it exceed your expectations or was it filled with the unexpected?

Maybe you set very intense goals for yourself last year and that's why you weren't able to maintain these new habits? 

Taking stock will help you understand the why and how of your current situation and then help you choose your goals realistically. 


Start by reviewing your accomplishments. What have you achieved this year? It's time to take a look back at the milestones you've reached this year. 

If you think you haven't achieved anything this year, think again! Your accomplishments don't have to be impressive. It's what matters to you that's important.


In terms of your finances, has it changed this year?

If your salary has changed, take note of the change! This is a good starting point for your goals for the coming year.

Have you managed to save a little this year? Did you put a savings goal on your agenda or not?

Same goes for your debts - have you accumulated any this year and taken the necessary steps to pay them off? Don't forget to retrace the actions that led you to accumulate debt. Was it necessary expenditure or madness?

Personal development

Every year, whether you realize it or not, you evolve. How have you worked on your personal development this year?

It can be as simple as stopping biting your nails or cutting hair. toxic friendships

Physical and mental health

How is your physical health? Did you move this year or did you get sick?

It's the same principle for your mental health. What happened in your life to trigger your good or bad moods? Did you have any episodes that were more difficult than others?


Whether you're at school or at work - it's always good to do a little introspection on your professional development and how it has evolved this year.

Annual objectives

Once you've done your feedback, you should be in a good position to take stock and step back to plan your annual goals.

On the horizon

First, you have to start with what you already know. What can you expect this year?

If you have planned activities, it's important to take them into account in your planning! They may be able to help you advance in your goals or simply represent a moment when you will not be able to advance at the same pace in your goals (good way to know or compensate in advance!) 

It could be a wedding, a graduation, a trip, anything!


Now that you've taken stock of your finances, it's time to decide how you want to improve them this year.

It's always nice to get a raise, but maybe you're happy with your salary right now. Savings could be your focus this year or possibly paying off your debts accumulated over the past year.

Once you have set financial goals, you need to determine how you are going to achieve them. 

Are you going to apply for 3 positions per month in your field in order to get a new job and a salary increase? Maybe you want to pay off $5000 in debt and implement automatic payments in your account. You might even want to invest your money in the stock market and learn how to achieve your growth goals. It's up to you to decide!

Personal development

How do you want to evolve personally this year? How are you going to get there? 

There are so many options for how you can advance your personal development. The choices are endless!


Health should be your priority. Would you like to improve your physical health this year? Maybe you want to move a little more or eat better. Maybe you need to lick your wounds this year, both physical and mental.

Speaking of mental health - do you need to prioritize your self-care this year? It can range from learning to say no to consulting a professional.


Are you satisfied with your current job? If you liked to change fields or work environment or go looking for a new challenge, now is the time to take note!


The goal of planning goals by dividing them according to the different spheres of your life is not to put too much on your shoulders. The important thing is to plan realistic goals and know how you will achieve them. Then, dissect the steps to get there, it's easy!